February's Skater of the Month– Heather Blocklear

Derby Name and Number?
-Heather Blocklear #31

Where did you grow up?
-Menlo Park Mall, Edison, NJ

What made you start playing roller derby?
-My friend McMenace, made it look easy!

What is your pre-game routine?
-Cut the sleeves off my jersey.

What is your favorite off-skates workout?

What is your favorite position to play and why?
-First Blocker, I like to get a good spot on the starting line so the other team doesn’t get it, and I can be side-by-side with my wall buddy, the Pivot.

Worst derby-related injury?
-Rail to the ribcage.

What is the most rewarding part of being a member of Penn Jersey Roller Derby?
-Playing open scrimmages on the banked track- it’s nice to see visitors looking shaky for once!

As a member of a bitracksual league, tell us how you feel about the banked track versus the flat track.
-Go banked or get spanked!

What inspires you most when training?
-Hitting milestones- like getting 100 laps in under 20 minutes (on my birthday)!