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Battle on the Bank!

Penn Jersey Roller Derby is proud to announce that they will be hosting the 9th annual Battle on the Bank tournament in Philadelphia, PA. Battle on the Bank will be held June 3-5, 2016 and will mark the first time the tournament will take place on the east coast.

Battle on the Bank is the national championship tournament of the Roller Derby Coalition of Leagues (RDCL), the governing body for banked track roller derby, where teams from across the country compete for the national title. 

In 2016 those confirmed leagues/teams are:

Penn Jersey Roller Derby (She Devils)
LA Derby Dolls (Ri-Ettes)
San Diego Derby Dolls (Wildfires)
South Side Roller Derby (SSRD Elite)
Texas Roller Derby (All-Scar Army)
Arizona Derby Dames (Hot Shots)
Tilted Thunder Rail Birds (All-Stars)
Deadly Rival Roller Derby

San Diego Juvenile Dollinquents
Arizona Minor Assaults
Tilted Thunder Peeps

We're also working on a Men's Expo Game, featuring our very own Penn Jersey Hooligans!

Please be patient as we continue to update this page and the website with all of this year's happenings! In the meantime, SAVE THE DATE!