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A Midsummer Night's Double Header! PJRD Intraleague Game and She Devils vs Southern Delaware Rollergirls (home, flat)

Scene: The Warehouse in North Philly. A Saturday in July, late afternoon, around four o'clock. The door on 19th street opens. A row of bleachers lay before the crowd. Opposite them, a cool concrete roller derby track. Center, four teams preparing to play.

Act/Game 1, The sprites and the faeries are at odds! Mischief ensues as Penn Jersey puts its newest Rookie Class to the ultimate graduation test. The Rude Mechanicals, dressed in red, prepare to take on the Puckin' Fairies in black. Adrenaline rushes. The sounds of cheers, whistles, and the announcer fill the air. The game begins.

Act/Game 2, the home team, the Penn Jersey She Devils complete their huddle and cry out their infamous Drinketh Blood chant. The visitors from Southern Delaware anxiously await the five second countdown. The crowd intensifies as the merchandise and concessions vendors sell their wares.

Take advantage of that 2 for 1 pricing and cometh on over! "Lord what fools these mortals be..." is what you'll be saying to yourself if you miss out on this Midsummer Night's Double Header!!