The She Devils are made up of the “A” travel team and the "B" team known as the B-Devils. This is a fierce group of hard working and hard hitting ladies!  Originating in 2005 as the first roller derby team in Philadelphia, the She Devils have skated every rule set from WFTDA, OSDA, MADE, and RDCL.  The She Devils represent the league by traveling across the country to skate in banked track and flat track tournaments. The She Devils have attended Battle on the Bank since 2013, and won the MADE National Championship in 2014. On non-practice days you can find these ladies obsessing over goats and pizza.

bexi wrexi - 1337

beatrix r. forkids - 5678

Chelshock - 1000

Classy Chassy - 53

Gingershread - 350

glitz n' slam - 00

KElly Kapowski - 93

Maulin mUnster - 1313

MC Slamher - 789

Mercury - 13


MONSTER - 3000

Sawbones - 15 Blade

Stella Threat - 5'2"

Wrecks Manning - 48


Not pictured:
Fonda Dixnshoes – 6.5" min
Honeybee – 6

Thank you David A. Carter photography for our headshots!