Why go to PJRD's Orientation and Assessments in May?

Written by MattsMom #716.   Photo courtesy of Chase Diem (I Stalk Roller Girls).

Written by MattsMom #716.   Photo courtesy of Chase Diem (I Stalk Roller Girls).

What if I told you that in 4 short months you could be stronger, feel better, love your body more and surprise yourself with your own abilities? Would you think I was nuts? When you join the rookie program at Penn Jersey Roller Derby you’ll learn the basics of roller derby, the basics skills you'll need to safely play.  You’ll also learn so much more.  

You’ll learn to be brave. Brave?
Believe me, you have to be brave that first day that you as a non-skater let go of the wall and glide on your own. The first day you jump in skates and purposely let your skates leave the ground. The first day that you work a blocking drill and know a bigger skater is going to hit you. The first day that you scrimmage and see what it feels like to play.

You’ll learn to love your body. Really? REALLY!
People of all body types and sizes play roller derby. You know why? Because you don’t have to fit into a mold to play this sport. It stops mattering to you what the number on the scale says when you are so busy being impressed with the new things your body can do. I have seen girls who weigh under 100lbs hit like a truck and guys who top in at over 250lbs and are as graceful as gazelles. It’s a skill and it’s knowing your body and how to use it effectively. You might not be the best skater in 4 months but I promise you there will be real improvement and you will love what your body can do!

You’ll learn that you like to exercise!
The best exercise in the world is the one you love to do. Guess what? Playing games with your friends is fun! So when you’re playing Red Light/Green Light, Duck Duck Goose and Blood and Thunder— you’re having fun with your friends. It’s a game and it's fun and when it’s over you just happen to be exhausted and have had a great workout. It doesn’t seem like exercise when you’re working with a partner to keep a skater behind you. It doesn’t feel like exercise when you’re totally focused on getting past a set of skaters. It’s just what you have to do and it’s a blast.

You’ll learn that you are remarkable!
Yep. You. You’ll go to an open skate and a kid will be awestruck to see a “real derby skater”. You’ll nail a great block and the player you hit will be impressed as they get back up. You’ll be surprised how many people will be amazed that you skate derby. You are doing something that many people don’t have the courage to do. My favorite compliment ever was when a fellow skater told my son, “Your mom can really take a hit!” You’ll surprise yourself that in 4 short months you can do so many things that you just didn’t think were possible. I promise.

But I don’t have time….

You make time for that which is important to you.  
It’s as simple as that. I work two jobs, I raise three kids, I have a husband and I rescue dogs. You know what else? I manage to squeeze in the time to get my ass to practice because I love Penn Jersey Roller Derby, this sport, my teammates and most importantly how I feel when I skate. I’m a better human because I skate and that’s a fact.  

PJRD Orientation May 2nd and 3rd   Come check us out… you won’t regret it!!!!