Battle on the Bank IX RECAP!

-written by Ruby Bruiseday & Beatrix R. Forkids, edited by Gingershred. BOTB Logo by Tara Armov, design by Stella Threat.

Penn Jersey Roller Derby was thrilled to host a landmark in RDCL history—the first Battle on the Bank on the East Coast. Adult and junior banked track leagues from all over the country met for the ninth time to show off their hard work and fight for a spot at the top of the rankings. It was a three-day whirlwind—and it was nearly impossible to remember all the action. In case you blinked, here’s how it all went down at Battle on the Bank IX:


Friday June 3rd

Game 1
LA Ri-Ettes 231
Deadly Rival Roller Derby 9

In Game 1, newcomers to the banked track Deadly Rival Roller Derby took on the returning repeat champions LA Derby Dolls. This meetup would remind BOTB veterans of the host’s (Penn Jersey Roller Derby) debut three years prior against then-reigning champions, San Diego Derby Dolls. Like PJRD, DRRD was not new to derby, attracting many former and current WFTDA players, but having less than a year to get, build, and practice banked track derby left the St. Pete team at a strategic disadvantage.

From the first whistle, LADD’s jammers easily cut through and around the pack to break by turn one just about each and every time, often making multiple passes. The second jam foretold DRRD’s main struggle for the rest of the game: the jammer struggled to break through LADD’s flat, three-man wall, with which Deadly Rival’s blockers kept pace and pack. On top of defensive difficulties, Deadly Rival had trouble getting their jammers out and, if at all, they often broke too late to make it around to the back of the pack. LADD’s walls generally managed to filter to the back of the pack and keep the jammer while sending an offensive blocker up to the front to sweep staggered DRRD blockers both high and low to open up wide holes.

At halftime, the score showed DRRD’s 0 points next to a daunting 126 for LADD and the first few jams reiterated the first half: LADD wall in the back to hold the DRRD jammer while the DRRD blockers got pushed out of play by the LADD jammer. However, unlike PJRD, the Florida team didn’t have to wait for a miraculous last jam to score and the third jam of the second half put DRRD on the board. This second power jam scenario for DRRD showed they had learned from the first one; the blockers strategically split the pack and let the jammer push her way through the slowing LADD wall. DRRD again split the pack and the jammer sliced her way through on the inside while blockers reformed for 5 points, then a quick offensive block from a teammate on the third pass helped her secure 4 more points to bring the score to 126-9.

The rest of the second half transpired much like the first with strong LADD walls holding jammers and goats while the DRRD blockers were staggered too far apart and out of play to work effectively as a team, though they did get some good one-on-one hits in. The final score came to 231 LADD and 9 for DRRD.


Game 2
Arizona Derby Dames’ Hot Shots 179
South Side Roller Derby Elite 12

Game 2 brought South Side Roller Derby up against last year’s fourth place team, Arizona Derby Dames. Off the line it looked to be an exciting game with South Side’s jammer breaking out of the pack first with Arizona’s hot on her heels, but this would set the tone of the game. Despite an SSRD jammer breaking out multiple times before an AZDD jammer, this warranted no points for the Houston team for the entire first half. When the game entered halftime, AZDD was up 89 to SSRD’s 0 points.

Arizona controlled the pack, keeping it fast and fluid the majority of the time. Their walls frequently broke apart to work individually, but, for them, it worked and it worked amazingly well. While many skaters struggle with one-on-one blocking, AZDD’s players thrive in the exercise. Every hit was hard and strategic.

An early power jam in the second half for South Side put them on the board with 5 points as a solid wall and Arizona goat helped their jammer push the remaining AZDD blockers out of play. AZDD was able to break apart SSRD walls and recycle through to keep the jammer within the pack. However, SSRD was able to inch forward getting points here and there, but the full pass on the final jam brought the final score to 179 AZDD against SSRD’s 12.


Game 3
Tilted Thunder Rail Birds 78
Penn Jersey She Devils 63

This was anticipated to be the most evenly matched game of the first four with Tilted Thunder Railbirds taking on the hosting Penn Jersey She Devils. Tilted Thunder placed third the year before and Penn Jersey has been bettering its ranking each year. The first few jams’ score was neck-in-neck until a power jam in PJRD’s favor showcased the progress they’ve made. A two-wall with a brace was able to keep a TTRB goat and give the jammer time and space to lap twice and pick up 10 points causing the first lead change of the game. And the very next jam, a power jam for the other side, TTRB did almost the exact same thing, keeping a goat behind a three wall and their jammer picking up 10 points to once again putting TTRB in the lead.

PJRD opted to start with an emphasis on defense using a pivot bracing a wall for most of the jam starts, but TTRB’s active offense got their jammer out first and with enough distance to pick up points before PJRD’s jammer was able to reach the back of the pack. From there it was evident that TTRB was controlling the pack and the score started to pull apart. Add in a few ample power jams in TTRB’s favor, and by halftime it was TTRB 57, PJRD 21—not as evenly matched as everyone had thought.

The second half began much the same way the first half had ended—TTRB’s jammer breaks out first and picks up 3 and calls it as PJRD’s jammer gets 1. With the exception of a few particular jams where PJRD was able to control the pack and keep it slow, TTRB seemingly started to run away with the score again until there was almost a 40-point deficit. With about 5 minutes left of the game, something clicked and PJRD took over pack control. With four-walls in the back, PJRD was able to contain the opposing jammers, keep the pack slow, and avoid TTRB’s offensive plays. PJRD fought to close the point gap; however, it was not enough to change the lead back over in their favor with a final score of TTRB 78 to PJRD’s 63—the narrowest point spread in the adult brackets.


Game 4
San Diego Derby Dolls’ Wildfires 143
Texas Roller Derby All-Scar Army 30

The last of the initial adult bracket games brought together San Diego Derby Dolls, who placed second at last year’s BOTB, and the Texas Roller Derby All-Scar Army. TXRD may have scored the first point, but SDDD excelled at maintaining a solid wall to hold in the Texas jammer in the back while sending an offensive blocker to get their jammer out and through on scoring laps.

TXRD struggled to keep in proximity with one another often creating holes for the agile SDDD jammers to glide through. While TXRD worked to avoid the offensive hits and sweeps from SDDD, San Diego recycled as a unit to keep pack control, however, Texas had their best jams when they were able to keep SDDD blockers separated. SDDD pulled away early in the first half and TXRD chased after them to bring the halftime score to 61 SDDD, 16 TXRD.

The second half showed a continuation of both teams’ strategies with a strong SDDD wall and TXRD spreading out then regrouping in the front with quick offensive hits as they did so to jostle the wall and give their jammer time to break out, which was effective on occasion. While San Diego’s strategy was working very well, there seemed to be no adjustments to gameplay on either side and teachable moments went unlearned. Then, late in the game, SDDD had a power jam, during which the jammer broke before turn 1. TXRD’s blockers were unable to get together to make a defensive effort and SDDD came through with three scoring passes. So, in the end, TXRD’s individualistic defense was no match for SDDD’s tight teamwork and the game came to a close with SDDD’s 143 to TXRD’s 30.


Game 5
Deadly Rival Roller Derby 35
South Side Roller Derby Elite 170

The first losers’ bracket game found Deadly Rival Roller Derby and South Side Roller Derby meeting for the second time, the first being at the round robin Spring Fling hosted by San Diego this past March. The first points went to DRRD with the assistance of an early power jam helping their score skip ahead. The pack speed was incredibly fast as both teams raced to keep the opposing jammer in.

South Side then repeatedly got their jammer out first, making a scoring pass and picking up a handful of points before Deadly Rival’s could reach the back of the pack. A power jam in SSRD’s favor got them three full scoring passes. When DRRD’s jammers did break first and got hung up behind a wall on their scoring pass, a late attempt at a call off often meant an SSRD jammer would sneak through the pack and pick up points and call it. DRRD also struggled to keep the jammer in during the several power jams against them bringing the halftime score to SSRD 97, DRRD 13.

The second half showed that DRRD once again had taken the break to regroup and learn. An early power jam in SSRD’s favor showed the Florida team’s growing strategy awareness as they ran the pack to cause splits rather than maintain pack with the slow SSRD blockers; during a power jam in their favor, they actively split the pack from the back to give their jammer an opportunity to make two scoring passes. However, SSRD’s skill, game awareness and frequent power jams gave them a substantial lead all game until the final whistle with SSRD at 170 to DRRD’s 35, eliminating DRRD from the competition.


Game 6
Penn Jersey She Devils 95
Texas Roller Derby All-Scar Army 35

The second losers’ bracket game matched Penn Jersey She Devils against the Texas All-Scar Army. Texas took the lead early in the first half, easily getting their jammers out first as the shaken She Devils seemed flustered. However, PJRD began to focus on defensive strategy and their wall-with-brace formation began to hold the TXRD jammers in either entirely or so their jammer could make at least one scoring pass. Texas opted to combat the strong defense with hard hits sending several Penn Jersey skaters flying into the center of the track.

A power jam midway through the first half in PJRD’s favor widened the score gap as the jammer sailed through on three scoring passes while PJRD’s blocker line maintained a goat. TXRD focused on jostling the opposing jammer around to tire her out, but, in turn, struggled to get their own jammers out first. The jammers for the host league played a tight game calling off jams mid-scoring pass to prevent opposing points and maintain a small lead bringing the halftime score to PJRD 49, TXRD 19.

The second half began with TXRD finding a resurgence and starting to gain on PJRD; however, within a few jams, PJRD refocused on their defensive walls and repeatedly kept the jammer from breaking while drawing penalties to cause power jams in their favor. By the midpoint of the half, TXRD helmets started coming off due to penalty-limit ejections. By games end, PJRD had widened their lead by 60 points with a final score of PJRD 95, TXRD 35, eliminating Texas from the competition.


Men’s RDCL Exhibition Game
PJRD Hooligans 217
Banked Track Bullies 147

The men’s full-length exhibition game brought PJRD’s men’s team, the Philadelphia Hooligans, up against a motley crew of MADE and MRDA skaters from all over the tri-state area, including the South Jersey Deviants, Jersey Boys, Your Mom, Harm City Havoc, and the New York Shock Exchange to form the Banked Track Bullies gathered together by all-star jammer Rollomite. Both teams can brag skaters on international MRDA teams with Rollomite on Team USA and Hi Jinx on Team Finland for the Bullies and Grasso on Team Italy for the Hooligans. The Hooligans had a game awareness advantage over the Bullies as the entire Penn Jersey league practices and scrimmages together both the RDCL banked- and MRDA flat-track rulesets.

The first quarter showed an evenly matched game with key jammers on both sides picking up points to maintain a neck-in-neck score. Then a power jam for the Hooligans helped them scoop up 22 points. From there, they began to use their banked know-how to slow and stall Bullies’ jammers in the back of the pack, keeping it slow enough for their jammers to make full scoring passes. During the second quarter, the Bullies started to pick up steam and congeal as a mix-up team keeping PJRD jammers in longer and getting theirs out first for points, but the Hooligans soon countered. By halftime, the 30-point gap had closed and reopened as the Hooligans profited on key power jams.

Initially, the Bullies bench looked a bit scarce, but as the game progressed and traffic-late skaters filtered in and were okayed to skate, the roster filled out and perhaps caused a disjointed team that had been learning to skate together the first half as by the end of the third quarter, the Hooligans had pulled away with a 59-point lead. The Hooligans worked using a similar defense to their female counterpart and were able to hold a substantial lead throughout the final quarter. Despite spectacular jamming performances by the Bullies, they just couldn’t catch up. The final score came to Hooligans 217, Bullies 147.


Saturday, June 4th, 2016


Juniors Game 1
Tilted Thunder Rail Peeps 89
San Diego
Juvenile Dollinquents 65

The first game of the day saw the Tilted Thunder Peeps take on the San Diego Dollinquents in the first ever junior derby game played on the Penn Jersey Roller Derby track, and without a doubt the first banked track junior game on the east coast. Despite the 9am first whistle, the stands were packed with skaters and fans cheering the juniors on.

It would be a mistake to underestimate the junior teams due to their size or age, as many of these skaters have been skating for several years and the game play was some of the most intense seen all weekend with no holds barred blocks and skillful, strategic jamming. At different points of the game, both teams had their jammer take a hard block and sail through the rails of the track to the concrete below. In true warrior fashion, the jammers were able to dust themselves off, hop back onto the track, and go on to score points for their team. The Peeps went on to beat the Dollinquents 89-65, and clinch the first win in the Juniors bracket.


Game 7
LA Ri-Ettes 106
Arizona Derby Dames’ Hot Shots 37

The first game of the day in the adult’s bracket saw the LA Ri-Ettes take on the Arizona Hot Shots in Game 7, both teams coming off of a win from Day 1 of the tournament. Despite a strong offensive showing from the Hot Shots, the LA Ri-Ettes took their second win of the tournament with 106 points to the Arizona Hot Shots 37 points, sending the Hot Shots to play Penn Jersey later on in the day.


Game 8
San Diego Derby Dolls’ Wildfires 135
Tilted Thunder Rail Birds 24

San Diego Wildfires start Game 8 off strong, their powerful jammers cutting through the pack with agility and speed, while their blockers keep the Tilted Thunder blockers separated and their jammer contained. When Tilted Thunder’s jammers do break, they do an excellent job of hustling to the back of the pack, but San Diego’s wall of blockers prevent them from getting points on the board. At the half, Tilted Thunder has put up 19 to San Diego’s 66 points. Tilted Thunder only manages to score 5 more points in the second half, and the final score is 135 to 24 sending San Diego on to play LA in Game 11.


Juniors Game 2
Tilted Thunder Rail Peeps 74

The Arizona Derby Dames Minor Assaults 68

Game 2 in the juniors’ bracket saw the Arizona Minor Assaults go head to head with the Tilted Thunder Peeps, with ultimately the Tilted Thunder Peeps coming out on top in a nail-biting win 74-68 and securing a place in the Junior bracket championship game.


Game 9
Tilted Thunder Rail Birds 115
South Side Roller Derby Elite 62

During the first 15 minutes of Game 9, the Tilted Thunder jammers slowly but surely worked up the lead advantage over South Side, picking up a few points every jam while their blockers keep South Side’s scoring to a minimum. South Side’s jammers are fast and agile when they break, but Tilted Thunder’s blockers mostly kept them to a single scoring pass. Just before half time, a full South Side penalty box allows Tilted Thunder to capitalize on multiple scoring passes, giving them a 50 point lead 77 to 23. The second half of the game sees skaters on both teams spread out, blockers delivering some seriously hard hits, and letting the jammers from both teams out to score. South Side picks up an additional 39 points to outscore Tilted Thunder by one point in the second half, but Tilted Thunder takes home the win 115 to 62.


Game 10
Arizona Derby Dames’ Hot Shots 121
Penn Jersey She Devils 50

The Arizona Hot Shots proved to be a formidable team for the Penn Jersey She Devils in Game 10 of the tournament. Arizona’s hard hitting offensive maneuvers left Penn Jersey distracted which allowed them to take a solid lead early in the first quarter. For the majority of the quarter, the She Devils had just 1 point on the board, struggling to get their jammers out of the pack, while the Arizona jammers swept through for multiple scoring passes. Finally, the She Devils were able to get a grand slam and put 10 more points on the board, totaling 11 points to the Hot Shots’ 60 points. The first quarter ended with the Hot Shots ahead, 93 points to 18 points. The second quarter sees the She Devils adapt to the Hot Shots’ offense while maintaining their defensive walls and preventing Arizona from getting multiple scoring passes. The She Devils are able to put 33 more points on the board, where the Hot Shots are only able to score 28. But those 28 points were enough to hold out their solid lead, and Arizona took home the win 121-50.


Juniors Game 3
Arizona Derby Dames Minor Assaults 92 
San Diego Juvenile Dollinquents

Game 3 determined who would follow the Peeps to the championship, and the hard-hitting action between the Arizona Minor Assaults and the San Diego Dollinquents did not disappoint. The Minor Assaults came out on top, beating the Dollinquents 92 to 67, to take on the Peeps in the Junior bracket championship on Sunday.


Game 11
LA Ri-Ettes 86
San Diego Derby Dolls’ Wildfires 67

Game 11 saw the LA Ri-Ettes take on the San Diego Wildfires in one of the closest games of the tournament. With only a 19 point spread it could have been anyone’s game, and the fast-apaced action had everyone on the edge of their seats. The Ri-Ettes show off their jammers’ speed, agility, and tactical control by calling off the jam before the Wildfire’s jammers can score, maintaining an early lead over the Wildfires. San Diego’s blockers moved like a well-oiled machine, staying together, and playing offense as a unit to create holes for their agile jammers to maneuver. At the half LA leads 53 to 17. A San Diego star pass early in the second half, coupled with a full LA penalty box, allowed the Wildfires to gain momentum and pick up some much needed points. The energy in the Warehouse was palpable as The Wildfires encroached on the Ri-Ettes, the crowd cheering and calling for another jam as the refs called a penalty jam for the last jam of the game. The Ri-Ettes win 86 to 67, but if there had been another 2 quarters of gameplay, who knows how it would have played out.


Game 12
Arizona Derby Dames’ Hot Shots 115
Tilted Thunder Rail Birds 33

In the final game of Day 2 of Battle on the Bank IX, Tilted Thunder and Arizona went toe to toe to compete for a chance to possibly play in the championship game, provided they win Game 13! Arizona’s jammer comes out swinging, juking her way through the pack to pick up 9 points in the first jam. Arizona’s heavy offensive blocking continues to control Tilted Thunder, distracting them to allow their jammer to sneak through the pack. By halftime, the Hotshots have a solid lead of 50 to 8 points. The second half sees Tilted Thunder amp up the intensity to get some points on the board, slowly adding points jam by jam. Unfortunately it is too late, as Arizona’s ability to achieve multiple scoring passes throughout the second half cements their lead and the Hot Shots move forward to compete Sunday morning against San Diego. Final score is Hot Shots 115 to Tilted Thunder 33 points.

Meanwhile on Day 2….

Outside the derby play, 19th Street was blocked off in Philly block party fashion all day long, featuring arts and crafts vendors, derby merchandise, and food vendors. Inside the warehouse, Top Hat Coffee kept everyone caffeinated, serving up coffee and smoothies all day long. 808 Rollerskate and Mota Skates were there hawking their wares and keeping everyone fully outfitted in gear. Chicks in Bowls, partnered with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, brought some mini ramps and rails for skaters to enjoy in the sunshine.


Sunday June 5th


Adult 3rd Place (Game 13)
San Diego Derby Dolls’ Wildfires 171
Arizona Derby Dames’ Hot Shots 102

San Diego started strong off the first whistle, keeping the Arizona jammer in the entire jam while their star-wearer came through for two full scoring passes. However, the following handful of jams, the roles reversed with the AZDD jammer slicing through a scoring pass before the SDDD jammer could break or reach the back of the pack. The tables turned once again with a power jam in San Diego’s favor. Able to catch a goat that didn’t seem to mind being stuck behind a four wall, the jammer was able to glide through the crawling near-to-being split pack with ease to pick up 14.

San Diego played smart while Arizona seemed to try to play it safe. However, AZDD may have called off a few key jams prematurely picking up only one or two point before calling it, but without an SDDD jammer close behind. Arizona’s hard hits certainly did some damage and sent an opposing blocker off the track in turn one, but she hopped right back on and got back to her wall and this was entirely evident of the differences in game play. By halftime the score had hit 91 SDDD against AZDD’s 45.

The second half continued AZDD’s formation of staggered walls, which allowed for their blockers to make those freight-train hits sending the opposing skaters into the infield, but the San Diego jammers deftly juked through the holes left by this style of play. However, Arizona’s strategy made for good offensive blocking by keeping the tight SDDD walls from forming. When they were able to get together and cover the track, SDDD’s walls controlled the pack and kept the jammers back more effectively than their opponents. By the fourth quarter, it looked as if Arizona’s jammers ran out of steam and occasionally couldn’t find the oomph to break out of the pack. The final score came to SDDD 171, AZDD 102 leaving Arizona with third place.


Junior Championship Game 1
Tilted Thunder Rail Peeps

The Arizona Derby Dames Minor Assaults

The Juniors championship found the Tilted Thunder Peeps up against the Arizona Minor Assaults again. Their prior match ended extremely close with a final score in Seattle’s favor 74-68. TTRP pulled away early with AZMA hot on their heels. From jam to jam, the dominant team flip-flopped showing extremely evenly matched teams. Early on, Arizona took over lead and before the quarter’s end, the Peeps were able to strengthen their walls and take lead back. 

In the second quarter, Arizona took a strong back wall and began to hold in jammers while theirs made multiple scoring passes, once again closing the score gap. The Peeps opted to run off the line and maintain the front of the pack, but these two strategies caused multiple split packs to neither advantage and resulted in several Failure to Reform penalties. The Minor Assaults persisted until another lead change brought us to 90-71, Arizona.

As the second half got under way, the Peeps were able to take back the lead, working in a two-awall up front to work offensive to get their jammer out first and a two-awall in the back to hold in Arizona’s time and time again. But the tables turned yet again in pack dominance and Arizona fought hard to close the gap the Peeps had opened in the third. Jam after jam the AZMA jammer broke first as her blockers held in the Peeps’ point scorer, but TTRP adjusted maintained a solid lead and in the last five minutes pulled away even further. The Tilted Thunder Peeps took the Juniors Championship with a score of 190 to Arizona Minor Assaults 108.


Adult Championship Game
LA Ri-Ettes 210
San Diego Derby Dolls’ Wildfires 106

The hour-long championship game came down to a So-Cal showdown, The San Diego Wildfires versus the LA Ri-Ettes in their second matchup of the weekend. The first few minutes of gameplay started out slow, each team picking up 1 or 2 points over the other, and then began to gain momentum. The Wildfires started out strong, taking the lead over the Ri-Ettes for the majority of the first period. There is a bit of excitement when an LA skater trips over a pileup of San Diego skaters and ends up falling out of the track, but she hops up and is back in the game in seconds. Wildfire jammer Slamurai picked up 9 points, starting to stretch the point gap over the Ri-Ettes slowly but surely. But with 3 minutes remaining in the period, the Ri-Ettes jammer racks up 19 points in a single jam, pulling ahead 49 to San Diego’s 21. San Diego pushes back with a strong defense, holding the LA jammer in to score 10 points on the next jam. The period ends with LA ahead by 30 points, 61-31.

The next period sees both teams switching gears, with both teams playing more defensively. In the first five minutes of gameplay, LA only scores 7 points and San Diego scores 5.

LA picks up a power jam with 6 minutes remaining in the second period, scoring 15 points bringing their lead to 90 points over the Wildfires’ 44. LA continues to pick up multiple scoring passes, while containing the San Diego jammer’s opportunities, and calling off the jam before the Wildfires’ jammer can reach the pack for points. The first half of the game comes to a close with LA Ri-Ettes in the lead 117 to 47.

The third period is much like the second, both teams starting off playing very defensively for the first half of the period, however LA picks up 30 points to San Diego’s 6. The Ri-Ettes play very strategically, making sure their jammer is out by the first turn of the track to maximize the time allotted to score points, and also smartly calling off the jam before their opponents can put points on the board. The third period ends with the Ri-Ettes maintaining a solid lead over the Wildfires, 170 to 75.

The fourth and final period of the game sees yet again a return to defense for both teams, both teams focusing on walls and containing their opponents’ skaters. A 100 point lead seems staggering, but with the skill of San Diego’s skaters it would not be unreasonable to imagine them pulling a comeback and closing the score-gap. However the number of LA’s multi-pass scoring jams and strategic jam call-offs were not in San Diego’s favor. As the fourth period continued, LA pulled ahead, putting up more points per jam and limiting San Diego’s jammers to a single pass. The final score of the 2016 championship game sees the Ri-Ettes take home the win, 210 points to 106 points, in what was a competitive and thrilling game. It was super exciting to see both teams grow in skill and compete in a closer scoring game than we’ve seen in previous years. Look out, Ri-Ettes, the Wildfires will certainly be a team to watch out for in 2017 competition!


Award Ceremony and After Party!

Battle on the Bank IX drew to a close with everyone coming together and gathering around the banked track to celebrate another successful tournament and honor the achievements made by every team over the weekend. Penn Jersey Roller Derby was so proud to host an event of this size, and could not have done it without the support of the giant community of volunteers, officials, photographers, announcers, and skaters from all over the country who travelled so far to contribute to the weekend.

First up was the Junior division medal ceremony where the Tilted Thunder Peeps took first place over the weekend, Arizona Minor Assaults took second place, and finally the San Diego Dollinquents in third place. It was a privilege to host the Junior bracket for the first time on the east coast and have the opportunity to witness growth made by individual skaters and the skaters as a team.

Taking third place in the adult bracket was the Arizona Hotshots, second place went to the San Diego Wildfires, and taking home first place was the LA Ri-Ettes. This is the fifth consecutive year the LA Ri-Ettes have taken home the first place trophy! The skill and athleticism shown by the Ri-Ettes is inspiring and they have proven themselves the team to beat. The scores of this year's tournament were so competitive that the championship game next year could be anyone’s game, and it will be exciting to see the re-matches at Battle on the Bank X in 2017.

After the medals were given to the top 3 teams in each division, the individual awards for Blocking, Jamming, and overall MVP were awarded to skaters on each team. The awards were chosen by each team for the teams they played over the course of the weekend.


MVPs Battle on the Bank IX:

LADD Ri-Ettes
MVB Hurt Locker
MVJ DIE-Ana Ross
MVP Purrfect

SDDD Wildfires
MVB Boo LaLa
MVJ Hartlynn
MVP Slamurai

AZDD Hot Shots
MVB Al Anilhate’ya
MVJ Ellie Mayhem
MVP Nikki BadAzz

TTRB Rail Birds
MVB Square Ruthless
MVJ MK Ultra
MVP Shadow Breaker

PJRD She Devils
MVB Beatrix R Forkids
MVJ Misfortune Cookie
MVP Stella Threat

SSRD Elite
MVB Lunar Tick
MVJ Texas Slam*Her
MVP Paula Cream-Her

TXRD All-Scar Army
MVB Heathen
MVJ Bible ThumpHer
MVP Rolla Parks

DRRD Deadly Rival
MVB Suzie B Catastrophe
MVJ BoneSaw Betty
MVP Killa Thug

TTRB Peeps (Jrs)
MVB Afro Jamurai
MVJ Frank the Bunny
MVP Bombshell

SDDD Dollinquents (Jrs)
MVB Tinkerhell
MVJ Leada Riot
MVP Fender Bender

AZDD Minor Assaults (Jrs)
MVB Madzilla
MVJ Lightning the Queen
MVP Skateay GaGa

Men’s Expo Game:
Hooligans MVB- Zombicidal Maniac
Hooligans MVJ- Super Duty
Bullies MVB- Sammy Dangerfield
Bullies MVJ- Rollomite

After awards were distributed, it was time to party! Everyone was able to celebrate the end of a fantastic tournament with cheesesteaks, music, and party games that rivaled the intensity and physicality of the tournament itself and will go down in the history books. Penn Jersey Roller Derby could not be more proud of the success of Battle on the Bank IX and the camaraderie gained by coming together through the sport we all love. The event could not have happened without so, so, so many people and the staggering efforts contributed by everyone across all teams. It was truly a wonderful weekend, with so many new friends made, old friends reunited, and we cannot wait until next year already!